Under what conditions do bed bugs live in pillows?

Bed bugs often cause allergic reactions to the skin, poor sleep, and therefore poor health.

At night, these small parasites go out to hunt and bite people, especially preferring the delicate skin of children and women. It is almost impossible to find insects during the daytime as they live in places where they can’t be noticed at once. In order to eliminate this nuisance, it is necessary to find out where the parasites have made their nest.

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Where and why bed bugs live

Bed bugs are called bed bugs for a reason – people have noticed since ancient times that most often they can be found where a person prefers to spend his time sleeping. And there is a logical explanation, bloodsucking insects live in mattresses, beds, sofas due to the fact that there are the most suitable conditions and for reproduction and for safe shelter.

These conditions include:

  • Suitable humidity levels for bed bugs.
  • Inherent body odor.
  • Constancy of temperature and absence of draughts.
  • The presence of particles of peeled skin epithelium, which bed bugs can feed on for a while instead of blood.

Therefore, when searching for bed bugs, you must first check the mattress and all parts of the bed. Traces of insects in the form of dark dots from excrement can be seen in the seams, slits, folds. In furniture, vermin may be found in the technological holes, where individual parts connect, on the bottom and side surfaces of drawers.

Bed bugs live in cushions less often, and this also happens for very specific reasons. But when bed bugs have been living in a house for a long time and there are hundreds or thousands of them in a colony, they can also be found in sofa cushions and bedding. 

Why Bed Bugs Don’t Like Cushions

Bed bugs found in pillows are rare, and this is due not only to the type of filling, but also to the way this object is used to sleep.

Blood-sucking insects don’t like to settle in pillows for reasons like these:

  • Any internal filling of this bedding, no matter whether it is natural or synthetic, is unevenly located inside. That is, it is quite difficult for bed bugs to catch their paws on feather, down or synthetic, so they feel uncomfortable in such places.
  • Pillow cases are often made from a fairly dense material, and therefore it is quite difficult for insects to get inside and even more difficult to get out.
  • A person repeatedly tosses and turns the pillow while sleeping, and bedbugs do not tolerate this attitude.
  • Bed bugs do not live in the pillow, because it is not convenient for them to lay their eggs, and the most important thing for these inhabitants of the apartment is to produce as many offspring as possible and as quickly as possible.

Just because bed bugs do not live in pillows does not mean that you cannot see them on it. At night, these parasites easily move around the bed and, if you turn on the light suddenly, you can see them anywhere. In small children, blood-sucking insects prefer to bite into the delicate skin of the face and therefore you can also see small blood spots on the pillowcase in the morning.

“Check the pillow for insects where there are seams, bed bugs may just be in the folds without penetrating inside the product.”

Bed bugs, if they are abundant in apartments, can also live in sofa cushions. To find out whether they have settled in these places you need to remove all the covers and inspect the seams, slots for locks. 

Getting rid of bed bugs in pillows

Regardless of where you found the bed bugs, you should treat the entire apartment at once. This will help you deal with bed bugs and create the most unsuitable living conditions for them. There are many methods of treating your apartment, including calling a special team to your home, using insecticides yourself, and using folk methods. When choosing a method of treatment, you need to consider the number of parasites, the presence of small children and pets in the house. If you find bed bugs in your pillow, there are several ways to get rid of them. 

  • The easiest, most faithful and time-consuming way is to simply dispose of the cushion. That is, it is best to burn this piece of furniture. Naturally, a new pillow in the house should be purchased after the other parasites in the apartment have been dealt with to the end.
  • Most modern pillows with artificial fillings do not change their structure during washing. Therefore, they should be washed in the machine at temperatures above 50 degrees and then dried well and it is better to do this outdoors. The fact that this bedding item is washable is indicated on the product label.
  • On winter days, when the frost outside reaches more than 22 degrees Celsius, the pillow may be frosted on the balcony. Bed bugs do not tolerate this temperature, which they will be exposed to for several hours and will die.
  • A feather or down pillow should be taken to the dry cleaner, where the filling is treated with special agents and the duvet cover is replaced with a new one.

Bed bugs do not infest pillows if the object is periodically dried, taken out into the fresh air and the pillowcases are constantly changed. If you notice small insects on your pillow, it means that they are definitely in other places in the apartment, and you can get rid of them only after a complete disinfestation sanitation.

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