What to do if you see a bed bug on your clothes

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As soon as you notice a pest, you should immediately send that piece of clothing to a high temperature wash. There could probably be other parasites or eggs on the garment that you may not notice because of their small size. To destroy them all, it is better to wash the clothes.

And you also need to thoroughly inspect your apartment to see if you brought this single bed bug on your clothes from somewhere else or if you already have a colony of parasites in your home.

The first thing to do is to inspect the sleeping area. A bedbug nest can be found under the mattress, on the headboard, and between the couch cushions. It is also necessary to inspect all nearby cabinets, dressers, nightstands. You can find them behind baseboards, loose wallpaper and in other hidden places, where hundreds of adults and eggs may parasitize. In addition to insects, excrement, pieces of shell, and other debris may be found in the nest. Bed bugs tend to emit an unpleasant odor.

If you find bed bugs, you need to start fighting them right away. You can call in treatment specialists or do it yourself. For this purpose, there are concentrates of means, for example, Ciper, Permifen, Super, Neo from Medilis. Very convenient to use ready-to-use means in the form of a spray, for example, Medilis-supercila from bedbugs. MediLIS laboratory specially developed this product to work on resistant bedbug populations. Medilis-supercila against bed bugs was tested under real conditions on particularly resistant bed bugs. The test results exceeded all expectations. The motto of this line is “Helps where nothing else does” Insecticides do not need to be treated on clothing. They are used to spray or wipe down furniture and hard surfaces. The treatment must be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions and observe safety precautions.

How to get bed bugs out of clothes

Bed bugs can live in clothes for a long time. To get rid of bed bugs on human clothing is quite simple. They categorically do not tolerate very low or too high temperatures. The traditional method of fighting bed bugs is freezing. Any items infested by bed bugs are taken out into the frost. In homes, open all the windows and doors in winter and leave them in overnight. At temperatures below -10 degrees, all parasites and eggs are guaranteed to die. It is impossible to do this in the apartment of an apartment building. But you can take the clothes to an open balcony and leave them there for a few hours or all night.

Also bed bugs die at temperatures above +40 degrees. So, you need to treat clothes against bed bugs at this temperature. You can do this in several ways. The easiest is to wash them. There is no need to add insecticide. The bed bugs will die from the heat. The powder will wash them off the clothes. This treatment is enough. To be sure, you can iron the clothes with an iron on both sides.

If the clothes for a long time lies in one place, for which it managed to breed dozens and hundreds of individuals, make a nest there, then the thing needs to be cleaned particularly carefully. First of all, the bedbugs are removed with a brush into an airtight bag and thrown away. Then the thing is washed at high temperature, using a stain remover if necessary. After washing, you need to carefully inspect the seams, where dead insects or eggs may remain. They need to be removed, if the washing did not wash them out with water, and rinse the thing again.

Another method is to treat things against bed bugs with a steam generator. This can kill bed bugs even on things that cannot be washed for some reason.

If the clothes can not be washed and treated with steam, you can try this method: put a piece of clothing in an airtight bag, spray insecticide there and leave for several hours. Then shake it out very carefully, brush it and air it well. This method is usually suitable for outerwear with intricate elements, zippers, hoods, hats and shoes. If a piece of clothing is in direct contact with the skin, this treatment should not be carried out.

If the apartment is infested with bed bugs, all clothing must be treated. It is removed from places of storage – from cabinets, dressers, drawers. Furniture must be wiped with insecticides, and then washed and dried. Only put clothes in furniture that is clean and treated against bed bugs. Otherwise the infestation will occur again.

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